Erik Hopfinger is a third-generation chef originally from Westchester County, New York. Erik has been cooking in New York City and the Bay Area for over 20 years during which he has opened over 30 restaurants. Three of them were awarded Michael Bauer three star ratings, one was listed as Top 10 Restaurants in the San Francisco Chronicle, and he was named San Francisco Chronicle’s Rising Star Chef in 2002. He was also a chef contestant on season four of the award winning TV series Top Chef.

Erik’s food philosophy is grounded in sourcing ingredients with integrity, developing bold flavors, and being a leader with heart.

As his late friend Anthony Bourdain tells it

“What is a reasonably certain matter of record is that Erik Hopfinger arrived in San Francisco in 1996 and became the sous chef at City Tavern. Not too long after, when the chef didn’t show up on a Friday night, he says, he found himself in charge. Two years later, he was the chef at Backflip, a hipster bar in a retro-cool motel in the Tenderloin District, where he started to get some attention—a nod for best bar food from the San Francisco Chronicle—and where he began to establish a career pattern of working fairly high-profile places that were as much bars (or lounges) as they were restaurants.

Erik Hopfinger was already a star.” 

Chef Erik Hopfinger
Executive Chef Bradford

ABOUT Executive Chef: Bradford Forsblom

Originally from Columbus, Ohio; Bradford trained in Low Country
Cuisine in Atlanta, Ga and Charleston, SC before moving to NYC to
attend the French Culinary Institute.

After graduation, he worked his way to Sous at Restaurant Aquavit, a 2
Michelin Star Scandinavian fine dining mainstay. There he was immersed
in the New Nordic Cuisine Movement as it unfolded and with Executive
Chef Marcus Jernmark and Pastry Chef (Current Executive Chef) Emma
Bengtsson, worked to continue Aquavits Contemporary Cuisine.

During the next 10 Years in NYC he worked with an array of chefs;
David Bouley, Zach Pelaccio, Corwin Kave, Kenny Addington, Dan
Ross-Leutweiler, Brian Bistrong and Derek Hunt. Arriving in SF in
2018, he landed as CDC at bustling Fisherman’s Wharf Mainstay, Bistro

He has trained in many different types of cuisines from across the
world. His preference is for dishes that appear simple, yet contain
bold and intriguing flavors. His mindset is to never stop learning and
he feels strongly that everyone has something to teach and share in
the kitchen.

When not tinkering in the restaurant, he is busy at home tending the
garden, prolifically brewing beer, working on food fermentation
experiments and doting on his small fleet of non-operative


Nora Haron’s background is Singaporean, of Indonesian-Indian descent. Her grandfather’s family was from the Kerala state in South India and her grandmother’s family was from Java, Indonesia. Curries here are distinctive from other regions. Her Grandfather had his own curry spice mix. It’s not something they would buy ready-made. Nora has fond memories of going with her mom to buy spices in Singapore to make her Grandfather’s curry recipe. Her grandmother was from Java, Indonesia and her mother are the biggest influences in shaping her culinary point of view today.

Haron’s passion for diverse-influences cooking ignited while helping her mom prep meals in their Singapore home and tasting her way through the enticing neighborhood ristorantes of Lucca, Italy. Upon returning to California, Haron attended the San Francisco Baking Institute. Burnishing her skill set, most recently as Head Kitchen Manager and Culinary Operations Manager for Blue Bottle Coffee, and previously, Director of Food Operations for Farley’s, as well as Executive Chef at Monkey Forest Road and Crema. Advocating for super-local, sustainable, organic, and exotic ingredients, Haron is a vanguard in the kitchen and revered baker of artisanal, house-made breads and pastries. She was Executive Chef at Drip Line Oakland, a café and gathering place in the heart of West Oakland, and now Executive Chef and Partner at Local Kitchen in SoMa SF, Rincon Hill.

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Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant is working to create a better food system for all, and that includes farm animals too. That’s why we are committed to sourcing all 100% of our meat and poultry from farms that achieve an animal welfare certification recognized by Eat REAL and the ASPCA® Shop With Your Heart program by 2021.

Furthermore, by 2024, we will source only chicken certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) or another third-party auditing animal welfare certification program that meets or betters GAP’s standards for broiler breeds and rearing conditions (including lighting, litter, space, and enrichment). We will also make sure that our birds are processed in a system that utilizes a pre-shackle multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane.

We use Good Start Packaging products made from renewable plant-based resources and are 100% compostable.